From the Journals of Gregory Umanoff:

People make choices every day: Should you buy the luxury car or the fuel-efficient one?  Live in the city or grow corn on a farm?  Indulge in a cheeseburger or stay healthy with a salad? 

Some agonize over such decisions, weighing pros and cons, perhaps even verbalizing their deliberations. 

Yet such deliberation does not actually impact anything.  The choices of where to live, which car to buy, and what to eat for lunch are made by your brain, based on sensory inputs and your sentological makeup at the time of your choice.  Neurons fire, a choice is made, and your consciousness is made aware of the results.

Some think this means choices do not matter, that we are slaves to our sentologies. 

They are mistaken. 

Your sentology is as much a part of you as your consciousness. 

Your choices are made by you. 

This is not slavery; it is its opposite. 

It is the very essence of freedom.

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