Gary Johnson for President

I have already resigned myself to voting for Hillary Clinton.  If elected, she will shatter an historical barrier that I, as both a true supporter of equal rights for all and the father of two daughters, will be glad to bid good riddance.  She has the potential to be a very good president.  She is intelligent and driven and will bring more relevant experience to the White House than any president in a quarter-century.

Yet she’s a crook.  Her email server stinks.  Her conflicts of interest with the Clinton Global Initiative while serving as Secretary of State stink.  Benghazi – despite being wildly overblown by clownish Republicans in Congress – stinks.

Yet she’s still better than any potential Republican challenger.

So I figured, come November, I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary, and at least take solace in the notion that, should she win, I will have voted for a history-making candidate.

I will now be able instead to take solace in voting for a candidate in whom I actually believe.

Gary Johnson is not taken seriously as a candidate despite his presence on the ballot in 2012, his two terms as governor of New Mexico, his self-made fortune which (unlike Donald Trump’s) did not begin with a large inheritance.  Gary Johnson is a no-nonsense libertarian who doesn’t care if people want to smoke pot, doesn’t care if gay people want to get married, doesn’t care to tell people how to live their lives.  Like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison before him – and unlike the leading Democratic and Republican candidates (possibly excepting Ted Cruz), he thinks government should do a lot less than it currently does – not due to some weird Grover Norquist-like anti-tax zealotry but because more government means less freedom.  His fiscally conservative yet socially conservative views put him squarely into the American mainstream, yet his presence on the Libertarian ticket means most people won’t even consider him.  He will not be the 45th president.  But he will get my vote.

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